2018 Online Film Festival

Welcome to the Global Peace Film Festival Online. One of the joys of putting together the films for our online and live events is the chance to engage with audiences. 

Whether you’re watching from far away or right here in Central Florida, we hope you’ll share your thoughts with us on facebook and twitter about these stories using the hashtag #GPFFOnline. Let us know where you are and what you’re inspired to do to make your life, your community and the world a better place. It starts here, with you.

These are the films chosen for the 2018 Online Festival; all of these films will available to view here from Sept. 17 to 23.

A Mission at 311

Directed by: Nan Li

Charles Birnbaum, 70, is a piano tuner based in Atlantic City, who is fighting against eminent domain to save his family house. Charles Birnbaum's deep emotional connection to his family's house is at the core of the film. This house contains the traumatic history of his family.

Almost Cured

Directed by: Tom Dierolf

After the 1st touchdown, the crowd was a little less racist, and after the 2nd one, they were Almost Cured. The film is an honest, personalized account about racial integration in a small NC Appalachian community in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement in 1963.

Among Sorrows and Songs

Directed by: Andy Motz

Mark is a lonely man in his early thirties whose job is delivering HIV medication. Among Sorrows and Songs focuses on one day in his life as he delivers the medication to various clients who are all facing obstacles of their own revealing the realities and intersecting struggles of living with HIV in contemporary urban society.


Directed by: Summera Howell

A young nun-to-be struggles to find God inside Robin, a non-responsive adult whose brain stopped developing before he was born.

Between The Eagle's Heads: Three Portraits of Toledo

Directed by: Sam Audette

This short film is a wandering portrait of Toledo, Spain, reflecting on migration and the mixed cultural history of Spain by looking at three artists living there today, a Syrian poet, a Spanish painter and a musician from Mozambique.

Broken Windows

Directed by: Mabel Gan

In post-Ferguson St. Louis, angry protests erupt after the acquittal of a white policeman in the fatal shooting of a black man. In the wake of the protests, artists come together to help a St. Louis community heal.

The Burning of Borneo's Peat Swamp Forest

Directed by: Denise and Marc Dragiewicz

In the mid-1990s, scientists from the U.K. and Indonesia discovered the largest population of orangutans on the planet — an estimated 7,000 individuals — in the Sabangau forest on the Indonesian half of Borneo. But as the researchers went about their work, runaway logging — much of it illegal — was decimating large swaths of the Sabangau's peat swamp forests and destroying the orangutan's habitat.

Calais Children: A Case to Answer

Directed by: Sue Clayton

As the Calais jungle was set to be razed in October 2016, there were over 1900 lone children stranded there - many of whom had a legal case to enter the UK. Sue fights to get these children recognsied and their cases heard. But with the camp soon to go up in flames, could she do it in time?

Change: Jamestown After The Flood

Directed by: Angie Burnham

Change: Jamestown After the Flood is a chronicle of the rebuilding of this unique mountain town from October 2013 through the summer of 2017 concentrating on the inevitable changes/transformations; personal, physical and communal, that accompany the rebuilding of a town after a flood event.

The Glass Ceiling

Directed by: Savannah Hatcher

The Glass Ceiling music video combines dubstep violin and contemporary dance to demonstrate that in order to move forward as a society, we must first work together in order to lift one another up and shatter the glass ceiling.

More about The Glass Ceiling:

Half The Big Sky

Directed by: Brad Rothschild

In the aftermath of the 2016 elections, the women of Montana step up to fight for their state and their country.


Directed by: Toru Ichikawa

Soga and Yeon feel something from each other from the moment they met. Someday, memories of distant days, such as they have met somewhere...

Making Waves: Rebirth of the Golden Rule

Directed by: James Knight

In 1958, four Quaker peace activists set sail for the Marshall Islands — the US nuclear testing zone — to call attention to the devastating effects of the bomb on people and the environment. When the crew were arrested and jailed in Hawaii, public outcry for their release sparked a movement that led to the signing of the Limited Test Ban Treaty in 1963. Sixty years later, Veterans for Peace has restored this historic wooden boat and embarked on a global mission to end the arms race.


Directed by: Illiana Ipes

Maria must learn to accept herself after her first day of sixth grade causes her to look at herself in a different way.

Mumpsimus and Halcyon Discord

Directed by: Rolf Klein

Drawing on the director's experiences, this film explores the connections between mental health and homelessness, challenging common misrepresentations in the media, and questions whether we can ever view issues such as these objectively.


Directed by: Neal Sopata

'Peace' is an animated short film directed by Emmy nominated artist Neal Sopata. The story takes a hilarious look at one man's battle to bring some peace into this world. Using good old fashion slap stick humor, the audience will find out if this determined soul can overcome the forces aligned against him!

Pikala Binatna

Directed by: Brianna Celestina

'Pikala Binatna' follows a group of bicycle enthusiasts in the heart of Marrakech, Morocco and their project, Pikala Bikes, to combat the social stigmas of bicycles in their country. Through the lens of Jamal, a local bike mechanic trainee who came upon the project through a stroke of fate, the film brings to light the contributions and achievements of a group of diverse and passionate people united by their love of biking and their determination to cross cultural boundaries.

Street Workers Unite!

Directed by: Gabriel Diamond

A nonprofit is fighting injustice in India through organizing and empowering the country's most vulnerable citizens - the rickshaw drivers, street vendors, rag pickers and other informal workers who exist at the margins of the country's society.

Tomorrow's Children

Directed by: Mouhanad Al Rifay

Tomorrow's Children follows fourteen-year-old Amjad, his sister Fatima and their friends. After fleeing the horrific war in Syria, the children became the main breadwinners in their families. Barely securing their basic survival needs, they found themselves stuck in a cycle of child labor in the city of Gaziantep, Turkey. This group of refugee children are fighting to survive under the most horrible circumstances and never letting go of what is important in life, their right to an education.

Traffic Opera

Directed by: Andrew Pochan

Opera depicting drivers in a traffic jam who must overcome personal prejudices to work together to overcome a gunman and clear the jam, all while on-key.

We Are Human

Directed by: Louise Kanza

Singabantu - We Are Human was shot in the remains of a home burnt down to the ground during Afrophobic attacks in Rosettenville, Johannesburg, South Africa starring a diverse group of African migrants.

We Will Overcome

Directed by: Samantha Kapinos

A woman from a small city in Nicaragua attends a night school to get the high school degree that she wasn't able to complete as a child. She sets her sights on University education with the hope of a better life for her family.